5ergiveaways is an online service. A free online service. We’re providing you and every single YouTuber, streamer or social influencer out there with high-quality Photoshop templates. For free. Back in April 2015, when 5ergiveaways was founded, there were just some GFX-designers on YouTube, publishing free templates here and there. And then we came and added a whole new aspect to the market. Regular template-releases for all kinds of occasions and genres. In 2015 and still today, many believe that rebranding is something bad and harmful. But it really isn’t. Rebranding is important. So, if you’re a Let’s Player and want to brand your channel like the game you’re currently playing, 5ergiveaways got you covered. You’re a vlogger attending numerous events, 5ergiveaways got you covered.


On February 10th, Season 04 officially started and brought new thumbnails, new videos and a new website-design with it.


2018 was all about website, marketing and establishing a good and sustainable way to publish templates in the future. We created our own website, like a real one. No Blogger, no Weebly, no nothing. We’re now in full control. We got into marketing, created a youtube ad, promoted our services on Google, Bing and YouTube and our channel grew. We dumped the idea of Release Streams and introduced Monthly Recaps, videos which sum up all published templates in a single video. We also started our Twitch-channel and introduced Monthly Template Creation Recaps. All our template-creations are recorded and at the end of each month, we’re publishing a video with all of them, so you can see how we’re creating our templates. Our Medium Blog went live. We launched the Thumbies, our service for free Thumbnail Templates. We redesigned our website and introduced everything to the Ducklings EMPIRE! We launched Deflixed, our german service of 5ergiveaways, specialized in “german templates”! We launched the vidDucks. Our service for free After Effects templates like logo reveals or lower thirds. Basically, we launched cool stuff. And we started therefore to create more templates. More templates for different genres. But, as a mix of german, thumbnail and regular templates on one channel would be quite confusing, we also launched the Thumbies & Deflixed youtube channel (vidDucks coming soon). The ducklings network now counts 3 youtube channels, “4 websites” and 4 twitter accounts. Our numbers grew higher and we reached 200 subscribers on 5ergiveaways!


Oh boy did we change in 2017. Basically, everything was reworked and redesigned. Seasons, the channel concept, the videos, the website, everything. Season 02 was completed and Season 03 started with new Thumbnails, new videos and a new concept. We celebrated two years of 5ergiveaways and had six special events / months that year. The dumped the Weebly-website and switched over to Blogger. We got our own domain, which we’re still using today (see above). 5ergiveaways grew. We can’t really take a look anymore at the source-files of our first templates, as their quality is quite mediocre in comparison to the newer templates. The number of personal orders grew and we installed a more professional system to take care of them with own email-addresses and other cool things. If you’d wanted to summarize 2017 in one word, it would be professionalization.


The first year 5ergiveaways really got going. We introduced regular releases, at the time it was 4 templates a month. We introduced seasons and invented the worlds first and only DhPs-form. It still exists today and is running smoothly. Our most popular templates were published, the Rainbow Six Siege, Comic and Black&White template. All part of Season 01. We reached 100 subscribers. We started our blog and created a free website with Weebly. We accepted our first orders and learned pretty fast that people aren’t very thankful on the internet. The main reason we introduced prices in 2018. 2016 remains the most successful year of 5ergiveaways to this day. Let’s see what the future brings…


As already mentioned before, all started on the 8th April of 2015 when 5ergiveaways uploaded the first template to YouTube, the Asymetric YouTube Banner Pack. It should mark the beginning of today’s biggest youtube channel for free photoshop graphic templates with regular releases. We’re a group of three people from Berlin Germany who just really love creating stuff in photoshop and if we can help others with it, that’s even cooler. That was basically our main motivation in 2015 and it is still today. We also started, just like anyone else, with some difficulties. Our first templates weren’t published on a regular basis but all at once, spamming our subscriber’s subboxes with sometimes 10 videos a day. Sorry about that. Since then, a lot has changed. We’ve today an own website, a second youtube channel and we’re growing every day. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

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