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The After Effects Templates you've been waiting for.
I've been told. By a duck. A Space Duck.


Three spacy categories for you!

Included is one Logo Reveal / Intro with your name or logo

Included is one Lower Third template for your name or Social Media Profiles

Included is an Encard Template to give your audience the possibility to watch more of your content

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5ergiveaways is the biggest online serivce platform for regular free photoshop template releases for YouTube, Twitch & Social Media (mainly Twitter & Facebook). With the ADUCKE (formerly known as vidDucks) we launched our first free video template service. Free After Effects Templates, to be precise. But, you don’t need After Effects to use our templates. Our DhAE?-form (Don’t Have After Effects?) will help you out. We’ll customize one of our templates and send it to you! For free! All our templates are licensed under a CC 4.0 International Attribution License which allows you to even use them for commercial purposes. Awesome right?

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