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This is Fortnite V2

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You're offline. The Fortnite V2 way

Now you can show your viewers that you’re offline. But with style. Fortnite V2 will help you to do so.

Take a Fortnite V2 break

You’re AFK for a few minutes? Don’t show your viewers some empty screen or a pause menu. With Fortnite V2 you can now make your stream look professional and beautiful.

Prepare your next Fortnite V2 stream

While you’re doing the final setup for your next Fortnite V2 stream, your stream could count down to the start. Buld up that hype!

Technical Fortnite V2 problems

Having technical problems? Fortnite V2 can help you to not stream something you wouldn’t like to be on the internet forever. Use this image as an emergency-overlay.

Featured Game: Fortnite

Genre: Battle Royale
Release: 2017


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