All orders are and remain free for channels with less than 10,000 subscribers.

What happens after you've placed your order?

After you’ve placed your order, one of our designers will contact you as soon as possible via mail to explain the next steps. You can explain how your graphics should look like in terms of shapes, images, colors, texts, etc. and the designer will work out how to realize your ideas.

Two to seven days later, your first designs should be ready and you’ll receive an email with some samples. From here on, you can give some feedback on these designs, and the designer will work on the design with you until you’re happy with the result.

Only then, when everything is finished and you’re happy with the results, the designer will ask you to pay for your graphics. This will be done via Paypal with maybe more payment methods in the future. Once your payment is complete, the designer will send you your new graphics via mail as zip-file. You’ll get the graphics as png (or JPG if too large) and the source-files (layered psd).

After that, we’ll be contacting you one LAST time to get some feedback on your order and the designs. This will be the end of your order and you’ll be hopefully very happy with your new graphics.

Order now

Before we can let you order your new graphics, we need to inform all EU citizens that the information you put in the form will be sent to us via email. We’ll then contact you to discuss the next steps. Your information won’t be passed on to third parties. For the duration of your order, your information will be stored by us (your email address, so we can send you emails). If you do not wish so, you cannot order your graphics and may not fill in this form.

Ordering physical goods

All prices in the list below include VAT. We can offer shipping to all of Europe with free shipping to Germany. We offer multiple variations and amounts of each product listed below. Once you placed your order, we’ll contact you with more details on the chosen products. You’ll pay the demanded sum upon project completition and before products are printed/created and shipped. Note that prices may vary with amount and type ordered. Don’t hesitate to contact us for information on available product-types, prices or any unanswered questions!

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