created centuries ago.
remade for you.

In 2020, we started our ‘Remade’ Project. It’s goal: Remake our very first templates from 2015 and 2016 to make them better and fully compatible with the new Photoshop-versions. Most of them could be used still today, but some reorganizing is never bad, right?

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Back in the days

We’re writing the year 2015. The 5ergiveaways-project just launched and we begun to release our first templates. During that time, we still used Photoshop CC, without the Creative Cloud. Since then, five years have passed and the software as well as our skills have changed quite a bit. So, we want to remake our first templates, so you can still use them easily today. We’re ensuring that these old templates are still compatible with the newest Photoshop version and maybe, if necessary, we’re adapting the old template to “work” again. Otherwise, we don’t want to touch the look of those templates dramatically as they’re where we’re coming from. History. So far, we remade <look other there to the left> templates of how many is a good question. We’ll most certainly remake all of season one. If we’ll do season two one day is not yet decided.

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