Situation Report

Houston, we have a situation. And we’re working on it.


Templates are still missing

What happend?

Adding the last one hundred missing templates from Season 01.

Adding even more templates. Going for the ol’ three hundo.

Season 03 is now completely available again. Now, there are only 200 templates still missing, including GRS templates.

Re-posting our templates. Above you can see our progress. There is still a lot to do.

All about design. We had the databases, but no design for the user. This was now taken care of. Took us probably half a day. It’s not great or as cute or funny as before, but this is just an emergency-solution.  We also re-created some core-posts (most successful ones) for damage control and switched over to this page. Until now, there was still the broken down version live on the internet.

Season 04 is fully uploaded again and all posts are filled with info, links and some additional cool stuff, like a link to the according special month if available or a link to a featured game. That. Took. A. Long. Time.

The reconstruction phase begins. A lot of technical background stuff is done. We’ve upgraded to another contract with our provider and therefore also increased performance. We re-installed our whole system and now have to re-create all posts and pages to make them available. Unfortunately, the way the plugins worked, there was no way of exporting and re-importing the content. Let’s start grinding! Re-post everything. Yaay. It’s only 370 posts!

We hear back from the support. This seems to be a huge problem. Overnight or while they were looking for the problem, the whole image database collapsed and is completely unlinked from the website. Everything is still there but there is no link between file and website. Strange. And another problem came up: our dynamic content, where we put all this stuff like the download-link, dhps-link, template ID, etc also broke and the website became unusable as nobody could see or download templates anymore.

We were doing some routine checks with some of the plugins installed. After we’ve finished and re-activated everything, we noticed that some images weren’t showing, though, this only happened every few times we tested it. So we began searching for what could have caused this problem. This was also when we decided to put up a popup on our website warning users that this might happen. We then contacted our technical support and they forwarded it to the “more technical” section. They would come back to us.

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