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Our latest and, of course, by far, the most exciting and beautiful thumbnail template ever made. Just look at it. Amazing right? Download now for Adobe Photoshop or request this template via our DhPs-form and get the thumbnail delivered to you!

Event Months

Much Special

September 2018

Foxy Graphics

From 5ergiveaways

Velegant Video-Templates

From Wuftify

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Quite simple. You just download it, extract the zip file, maybe install the fonts (always named in the ReadMe.txt) and edit the thumbnail in Adobe Photoshop. Once you’re done, export the thumbnail as png or jpeg (Note: some websites only allow thumbnails up to 1MB (Twitch) or 2MB (YouTube)) and upload it to wherever you need it.

No problem. We offer a so called Don’t Have Photoshop service, where you just have to fill out a form, and we’ll send you a customized thumbnail with your texts and images. You can find this form on this website. It’s abbreviated with DhPs.

Yes. All our templates are licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution License, which means as long as you credit us when using our thumbnail(s), you’re free to use them anywhere, adapt them and even use them commercially.

Yes. On our order page you can order thumbnails! That service is completely free if your channel has less than 10,000 subscribers! We’ll create a thumbnail design according to your needs, with your logo or font or images or whatever else you can think of! Be creative!

Oh and if your channel has over 10,000 subscribers, the thumbnails come at just 1€.

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