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5ergiveaways Thumbnails delivers you top quality thumbnail templates for Photoshop. Of course for free. 

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Our templates are all designed in the latest version of Photoshop, guaranteeing the highest possible quality in graphic design. Beside the beautiful design, of course.


All our templates are designed to work perfectly on YouTube on all devices. No too small texts, elements too close to the border or anything like that. They’re just perfect.


All our templates are cool. No matter what other people may say. We always try to keep up with current trends on YouTube and the graphic design world.

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Perfect for really anyone who needs thumbnails.


Most frequent questions and answers

Of course. All our templates are organized to be as easy to customize as possible. We include instructions on how to edit the thumbnail in the psd-file.

To edit the thumbnails, simply open them in Photshop and follow the instructions. Save as JPG (pay attention to keep the file size under 2MB) and upload the thumbnail to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or where you want to use it.

Yes. You can fill out our Thumbnail-DhPs form and we will customize one or multiple of our thumbnail templates for you. And you’re good to go!

No. But, all our templates are licenced under a Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution licence. That means you need to give appropriate credit to the author. A small sentence in your channel info or description is enough.


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5ergiveaways brings you the very best graphic templates. Mainly for your YouTube Channel, but also for Twitch, Twitter or Facebook. With other 250 already made templates, you’ll surely find something fitting for you!

Got your Thumbnails but your channel still looks boring? 5ergiveaways got you covered! Start right now and browse our every day growing portfolio of over 250 already made templates here or on YouTube!

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