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Since 2015, the friendly foxes from 5ergiveaways are creating beautiful, awesome, perfect, excellent and only the very very very best photoshop templates for you to use! They’re cool, creative and very beautiful. Have I mentioned that they’re cool? And the best thing, you don’t even need Photoshop!

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Quack says the duckling

As part of Quacktastisch, 5ergiveaways is not the only service we offer you a variety of services, which you can see below. Beside over 360 Graphic templates for YouTube, Twitch, Social Media or Mixer, you can also get over 60 free Thumbnail templates from the Thumbies for your YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or any other video platform. Or, boost your videos to a new level and get some Lower Thirds, Intros or Endcards from Wuftify. You can see the last three templates of our sister-ducklings below.

Thantastic Thumbnails

From the Thumbies

Velegant Video-Templates

From Wuftify


What the fox?

We offer multiple template categories. But they all have something in common: they’re for Adobe’s Photoshop. Meaning, you need this software to properly edit our templates. But don’t worry if you don’t have Photoshop. Just use our DhPs-form!

Anywhere. You can even change things. But, there is one rule: as our templates are licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License, you need to credit 5ergiveaways as the creator. Otherwise, you’re not allowed to use our templates.

No problemo, young friend.
We have a so called DhPs-form or Don’t Have Photoshop form. The only thing you need to do is to fill that out. We’ll than customize the desired template and send it to you via mail.
Please note that this service is limited to templates from the Quacktastisch-family. If you found a template on the internet, we cannot edit that for you.

Sure. You can always order your own graphics. And that is completely free if your channel has less than 10,000 subscribers. Amazing, right?

Not really. At least nothing, you’d not expect to cost money. If you have a larger channel (10K+ subscribers/followers) you need to pay 2,00 EUR per ordered graphic. And of course, if you order any from our merchandise or advertising products, you will need to pay for that. But the rest is free! Yep.

Great! We too.
Ducks are great animals. That’s why our netted network, which combines 5ergiveaways, the Thumbies and Wuftify is full of little ducklings.

They’re SO cute.
‘Nuff said.

Background Illustration on this page was made by Freepick.

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