5ergiveaways brings you free photshop youtube, twitch, twitter, facebook and social media templates! For free. You simply need to download, edit and reupload them to the desired platform. Its that simple. And everything for free. Until now, we already published over 250 templates with new releases every month. Or simply order your personalized graphics for only 2€ each!

5ergiveaways makes it possible

From a simple youtube banner to a whole rebranding.
Take a look at what 5ergiveaways brings to you.

5ergiveaways is best known for their absolute top class and professional youtube banner templates. With other 200 already made templates for you, you’ll surely find something intersting.
All our YouTube Templates are divided in  four categories:

  • YouTube Banner Templates
  • YouTube Banner Packs
  • Rebrand Packs
  • Channel Rebrand Packs

Our Twitch templates are especially designed to rebrand the whole channel and the stream, so you can have a channel with perfect matching graphics. Included are always a twitch cover, an avatar, a youtube banner, offline-screen, break-screen, difficulties-screen and countdown-screen.
Our Twitch Templates are divided in two categories:

  • Twitch Packs
  • Channel Rebrand Packs

Our social media graphics are mainly designed for Twitter and Facebook (sometimes even Google+). For what we’ve learned over time, these social networks are the most important ones for youtubers or twitchers. Therefore, our social media graphics are twitter covers and facebook covers.
All our Social Media Templates are divided in two categories:

  • Rebrand Packs
  • Channel Rebrand Packs

5ergiveaways has expanded their services and launched two new channels in 2018!

In June 2018 started our first new service, called The Thumbies, which is focussing on free Thumbnail Templates for YouTube, Twitch or wherever you might need them!

Just a few months later, in September 2018, we launched Deflixed. Basically the same as 5ergiveaways but optimized for the german market, offering a wide variety of services like free powerpoint-presentation-creation-service or the exclusive DhPs-form.

More services coming soon?

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Frequently asked questions

Im I allowed to change a template?

Of course you can. All our templates can be changed adapted or transformed freely.

Your links seem strange....

For our links, we’re using the popular platform Adf.ly. But as they’re not offering the usual adfly-links anymore, we need to use so called “random-domains”. These are normal adfly-pages just hosted on other domains.

Do I need Photoshop?

Nope you don’t. If you’d like to get one of our templates but you don’t have Ps, you can simply fill out our Dhps-form and we’ll send you the template via mail.

Can I use your template anyhwere?

Yes, you can. Even commercially. All our templates are licenced under a Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution Licence which means you’re allowed to use the template anywhere as long as you give appropriate credit.

Can you guys make me a banner?

Sur we can. 5ergiveaways offers a service for you to get personal graphics for only 2€ per graphic. Why do we sell our graphics? Read more on the "Order" page.

Can I send in my own designs?

Yep. That’s possible. If you’re a designer yourself, you can submit designs and we’ll review them and publish them on our website & youtube channel. (page not yet live)

For any other questions