Why are there ads?

First the obvious. There are ads on this website so we can generate some income from this website. As for all websites on this planet, it costs money to maintain it. We need to rent some server space, the domain, the software to make the website running, etc…
So, these ads aren’t there for us to get rich. They are the possibility for us to not pay money each month just to keep this site alive.

But aren't the amount of ads seems a bit exaggerated...

Well, yes. One could think that. And we agree. We too would like to just have the website and not have to worry about some ads ruining the whole design of the site. But sadly, they’re necessary. On average, we’re making about 10€ with ads on this site per month. That just about covers our expenses. So we do not really make a large profit from this website.

How do we influence the ads?

We don’t. We use the Google AdSense program to show ads on our website. They control what you see. But not in a great extent. We’ve disabled interest based ads, meaning you won’t see ads based on your search history, latest Amazon purchases, etc…

Well, I'll just use an Adblocker than.

Yes. Of course, you can do that. And the internet pretty much seems to be fine with using Adblockers anywhere. We, on the other hand, can understand why Adblockers aren’t the best option in some cases. As we’ve already explained, we don’t spam ads to make a large profit. We use them at a minimum to cover the costs we have running this site. If everyone uses Adblockers, we won’t make a profit and will eventually run out of ressources to maintain our website, which would be sad.
Use Adblockers wisely. Use them on pages which spam ads anywhere to make some easy money. Don’t use them on sites, which survive from this income. Thank you. <3

I want to advertise here.

Great. Sadly, that’s not possible at the moment. You can however, advertise through Google on our website.

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